• Repairing Broken Granite, Ceramic Mineral Casting and UHPC

    Repairing Broken Granite, Ceramic Mineral Casting and UHPC

    Some cracks and bumps may affect the life of the product. Whether it is repaired or replaced depends on our inspection before giving professional advice.

  • Design & Checking drawings

    Design & Checking drawings

    We can design precision components according to customers’ requirements. You can tell us your requirements such as: size, precision, the load… Our Engineering department can design drawings in the following formats: step, CAD, PDF…

  • Resurfacing


    Precision components and measuring tools will wear out during use, resulting in accuracy problems. These small wear points are usually the result of continuous sliding of parts and/or measuring tools along the surface of the granite slab.

  • Assembly & Inspection & Calibration

    Assembly & Inspection & Calibration

    We have an air-conditioned calibration laboratory with constant temperature and humidity. It has been accredited according to DIN/EN/ISO for the measuring parameter evenness.